Saturday, March 27, 2010

The nature of numbers

Most of us think about numbers in terms of quantification: how much does that whale weigh? How tall is that tree? How much does that car cost? Bucky Fuller was certainly interested in knowing how much the structures he built weighed (something most architects don't even consider in their designs).

But Bucky was also interested in numbers because of the patterns they revealed. And those patterns give us a glimpse into Nature's truly amazing design strategy of "doing more with less".

My colleagues at the Buckminster Fuller Institute brought the work of
Etérea to my attention. Their short video may be the best cure for math phobia. (GW)


Etérea is a graphic and animation studio that offers CGI services.

But, what exactly is ‘CGI’? It can be defined as illustrations and animations made with the help of a computer (Computer Generated Images) allowing us to represent scenes, objects, designs, concepts, ideas, stories, in a three-dimensional way. These styles can be represented in a technical or artistic manner, according to the client’s needs or the nature of the project itself.

If you are not familiar with the issue and yet interested in obtaining a better understanding of the whole process, you may turn to my essay "Introduction to 3D Animation" which although written a number of years ago is still a good introduction to the subject.

Behind Etérea is a single person: Cristóbal Vila, with more than 15 years experience in publicity, graphics, illustration and digital animation.


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