Sunday, April 18, 2010

Destruction breeds creation

If America's aging cities and towns have a future it will be because of people like John Fetterman. In fact, the John (and Jane) Fdetterman's of the world may also be the best hope for rescuing American politics from its downward spiral that is being fueled by cynicism, distrust and disgust.

The New York Times called Fetternan "America's Coolest Mayor". I think that misses the point. He may, in fact, at once be the nation's most hopeful, inspirational, compassionate, visionary and pragmatic mayor. (GW)

A Town Revitalized?
April 9, 2010

The national economic disaster hit the city of Braddock Pennsylvania like a wrecking ball. But Braddock Mayor John Fetterman—dubbed "America's Coolest Mayor" by The New York Times—is taking very unconventional approaches to reinventing the town and re-inspiring its residents. Home to the nation's first A&P supermarket and Andrew Carnegie's first steel mill, Braddock is being revitalized with new youth and art programs, renovations of abandoned real estate, and bold plans to attract artists and green industries.

NOW sits down with Mayor Fetterman to learn how the 6'8" 370-pound political novice is trying to turn his town around, and if other devastated communities can and should follow his large footsteps.


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