Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy birthday, Bucky!

Bucky Fuller (whose life and work inspires this blog and blogger) was born on this date in 1895. He would have been 112 today. Were he still alive he probably would celebrate by giving a 12-hour animated discourse on Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science.

I urge you to visit the Buckminster Fuller Institute Web site later today for a very important and exciting announcement

What I Am Trying to Do

by Buckminster Fuller
(excerpt from "And It Came to Pass Not to Stay")

I seek

Through comprehensive anticipatory
Design Science
And its reductions
To physical practices
In the form of inanimate artifacts and services

To participate in nature's multi-optioned
Continuous and inexorable
Reforming of both physical and metaphysical
Environmental events and circumstances
Instead of trying to reform
Human behaviors and opinions
Which latter is all
That history's political powers
Have ever sought to do

For I am intent
Exclusively through artifact inventions
To accomplish prototyped capabilities
Of providing ever more performance
With ever less resources
Whereby in turn
The wealth augmenting prospects for all humanity
Of such design regenerations
Will induce their spontaneous
And economically successful
Industrial proliferation
By world around
Exclusively service-oriented industries
As the regeneratively escalating effectiveness
Of the latters' responsible resource reinvestments
For each unit of resources reinvested
Render comprehensively obsolete
Any and all economic necessity
To sell buy or own anything
While coincidentally obsoleting as well
The economically degenerative practices
Of irresponsibly one-way selling-off
Of the world's resources
All of which chain reactions will trend
To ever higher performance attainments
Of the ever improving artifact instrumented services
And thereby will swiftly
Both permit and induce
All humanity
To realize full lasting
Economic and physical success
Plus enjoyment of all Earth
Without one individual interfering with
Or being advantaged
At the expense of any other humans
Now alive or henceforth to be born


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