Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Having survived the "me-generation", environmental consciousness is once again capturing the hearts and minds of a new generation of young adults. And none too soon. The planet could use some fresh recruits in the battle to mitigate climate change.

Today's environmentally conscious youth like to dress well and live comfortably. A new web site called the ecosocialite aims to prove that these goals are not at odds with one another. Environmentally sound design can be beautiful, cool -- even hip.

Bucky Fuller was convinced that design and beauty are intimately linked. Well designed artifacts, be they buildings, automobiles, furniture or clothes are inherently beautiful. By using sustainable production processes this new generation of designers can create beautiful products, realize profits and make a difference in the world. (GW)

Welcome to the Ecosocialite

By the Urban Socialite
February 25, 2008

It has occurred to me recently that I’ve been posting a lot about socially conscious and environmentally conscious deisgners. The e-mail response to these posts has been overwhelmingly positive. I know there are a lot of eco-friendly sites out there, at the same time, I know there are a lot of fashion sites out there as well. My new site, ecosocialite seeks to bridge the gap between the worlds and create a place where you, Urban Socialite readers, can get consistently great posts about responsible designers. It’s in the beginning stages here and of course I welcome feedback from all of you as to the direction of the site. I also welcome input from designers for t-shirt and logo design. I actually had a real web designer work on the site, so I have more freedom with the overall look of the site, plus cool extras like shopping cart capability. Definitely check out the site and I look forward to your feedback!


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