Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The situation is still not optimistic"

What follows is an sobering counterpoint to yesterday's post on China's commitment to greening its energy infrastructure in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions. While the Chinese government's aggressive development of clean energy technologies is certainly commendable, there efforts must be viewed from within the context of the greatest rural-urban migration in the history of the world.

Having said this, I think there is still room for optimism despite the title of today's post. Bucky Fuller reminded us that optimism stems from knowing that options exist. However, success is never guaranteed. We still have to work hard to exercise our options. (GW)

China's urbanisation to hinder "low carbon" development, says study

Experts predict that rapidly expanding cities mean CO2 emissions will peak no sooner than 2035
Yvonne Chan
October 20, 2009


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