Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be creative, have some fun, and help save humanity

GET BUCKY BALLS......................... GIVE DIRECT

This blog and my life's work have been inspired by Bucky. What he gave to the world is immeasurable. Supporting the Buckminster Fuller Institute either directly or by purchasing Buckyballs over the next three Mondays is one way to give back and in the process help put the world on a true path of sustainability. (GW)


Did you know that playing with your balls can help change the world?

That's right: Starting Monday, October 25th, and for the three Monday's following, 100% profits from Buckyballs online sales are being donated to The Buckminster Fuller Challenge! It's an annual $100,000 prize awarded to solve humanity's most pressing problems.

What can you do to help? Buy a set to lend a hand, give to the Buckminster Fuller Institute directly (the non-profit that runs the challenge) or, if today isn't Monday, enter your email for a reminder next Monday.

Buckyballs for a Buck'n good cause... How fun is that?


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