Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Doing better with less"

Back in 1978 Howard Brown, Robert Cook and Medard Gabel co-authored and published "The Environmental Design Science Primer"- an introduction and guide to applying Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science. Recently he's created an organization called dMass - with the stated goal of "Doing Better With Less". This absolutely wonderful video provides a crystal clear explanation of that concept.(GW)

dMass: A revolution in the way we define, measure and pursue wealth

dMASS is about facing the global challenge of creating wealth at an unprecedented scale on a sustainable basis with a shrinking material resource base. It is about:

  • Realizing how dramatically our circumstances have changed and recognizing that population and resource use pressures are at the root of most of the major problems we’re experiencing, from economic and political instability, to environmental crises, global migration, and the rising costs of goods and services;
  • Choosing a new strategy for the future that aligns economic development and corporate profitability with environmental quality and quality of life, rather than relying on ideas and methods from another era;
  • Understanding that science offers important lessons regarding how natural systems organize, develop, grow, succeed, and fail, and that these lessons apply to human endeavors; and
  • Discovering why a dramatic improvement in resource performance is the only path to prosperity and security.

Our aim is to engage business leaders, policymakers, and citizens in shifting toward exciting technologies, business opportunities, and polices that will help us all succeed. dMASS offers a framework and the tools to get started. (From the dMass Web site).


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