Friday, June 15, 2007

In Europe, everyday is wind's day

When comparing the European Union and U.S. attitudes with regard to climate change one has to wonder: Is the EU...

More informed than us?

More frightened than us?

More enlightened than us?

All of the above?

One thing seems certain: In general, elected officials and citizens take the threat of global warming and the need to take steps to mitigate it a lot more serious than we do here in the United States. (GW)

European Wind Day

The first ever pan-European awareness campaign promoting wind energy will focus on a European Wind Day, which will take place this year, on 15 June. The aim is to celebrate the power, popularity and effectiveness of wind energy right across Europe.

2007 marks a turning point for the energy policy in Europe. In March, European leaders provided a powerful response to the looming climate and energy crisis, and to the call from European citizens for more renewable energy. With the European Council’s decision, followed by effective implementation in the near future, Europe now has a real opportunity to change its energy supply structure towards a much larger share of indigenous, renewable resources, thus reducing import dependence and exposure to unpredictable fuel prices.

European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and its partners want to use this first European Wind Day to promote wind power across Europe as an effective and concrete way to curb the climate and energy crisis.

Coordinated by the European Wind energy Association (EWEA), the thinking behind the event is that at a time of energy and climate crisis, it is vital to explain to European citizens and decision-makers that an energy shift is needed and possible. The wind sector will demonstrate that wind power has strong public support as an unlimited, clean source of energy, which is stable, secure and independent from outside supply.

The European Wind Day will be celebrated across the continent, with events taking place simultaneously in Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Athens, Vienna and other major cities. National associations, manufacturers and wind developers will all organise ‘wind events’ in their respective towns and cities and also at wind farms.

On 15 June, at 12:00 the organisers will launch their activities carrying the same identity and conveying the same message. On the very same day, the European wind industry will encourage European citizens to switch to green electricity.

The European Wind Day is a Europe-wide event, which will:

  • Promote wind power across Europe as a popular and effective energy source
  • Explain why wind energy is a key solution to the energy and climate crisis
  • Encourage European citizens to sign up for green electricity

European Wind Day events across the continent can include visits to wind farms, competitions, school lectures, press conferences, races, exhibitions and more.


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