Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wake up call

Back in August of 2006 when I launched my blog "12 Degrees of Freedom", Facebook did not exist.  In fact, many of my current Facebook friends were originally followers of my blog.  "12 Degrees" went into "hibernation" three days before I was sworn in as Massachusetts commissioner of Agriculture (March 29, 2012).  I felt that as an appointed state official is was best to keep my personal opinions to myself.

As you can see, my giant panda friend Max, has awakened from his prolonged siesta.  This just happens to coincide with the election of a new governor here in Massachusetts.

Coincidence?  Who knows?

There's  been no official word yet, though I learned long ago that it's best to be anticipatory at times like this.  Should/when the word comes down that there will be a new commish on the block, I look forward to firing up "12 Degrees of Freedom" again, but with a slightly different format - more experience-based commentary and opinion. I'm feeling a bit rusty, but hopefully will be able to ease back into this.

Hopefully those who found it worthwhile during its first six years will continue to find it relevant.  I am absolutely convinced that the the wisdom, insights and strategies of Bucky Fuller and other selfless whole systems practical visionaries who are committed to building a world that works for everyone will finally capture the public's attention and be embraced.

I will continue to contribute whatever I can toward that goal at whatever table I'm invited to sit at or am able to gracefully crash.  To paraphrase Bucky: "We are all terrific bundles of experience".


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